Thursday, 19 December 2013

Carniriv 2013-Green World Edition is here!

Carniriv 2013 tagged the Green World Edition was officially flagged off on the 24th of September, 2013 at a World Media Conference held at the Banquet Hall of Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt. The unveiling saw a colourful display of the Rivers cultural heritage and performances that included the Carnival Theme song. The event had in attendance top Nigerian celebrities and representatives from the NottingHill Carnival, London.
Julius Agwu and Basorge Tariah Junior held the audience to a glare of laughter with rich Nigerian Jokes and the landmark of the event was The official unveiling of the Carnival 2013 Logo.
The Director General of Rivers State Tourism Development Agency, Dr. Sam Dede emphasized on the several newbies that would be introduced in this year’s carnival which include citing of viewing centres across the city and live web stream of the carnival among others…
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Take a pictorial journey down the Carniriv memory lane

Praise Jam

The Carniriv Praise Jam is a praise fiesta of colourful and inspiration gospel artistes drawn from the international and continental sphere to launch the carniriv brand in a night of unstoppable gospel rhythms.




ultural displays encapsulate the spice and  essence of the pure Rivers Carnival spirit. These showcase the diversity of our primal artistic fervor, and the glamour of  our patrician heritage.As exhibited by the 23 Local Government Areas- through the media of dance, masquerade displays and puppetry- cultural displays at the carnival, have markedly evolved with more colour and pageantry.This year, the displays are to be staged in three parts, over a three-day spread. With each part certain to thrill audiences with ostentatious displays of our collective pride and ancientness.


The Black African Music Festival  (BAMFest) is a celebration of the black African heritage which stretches beyond the continent of Africa, finding solace in nearly all climes of the world.

Select black musicians from the Americas, the islands of the Caribbean, Europe and the continent of Africa, armed with a prayer for global unity, are expected at this festival.

World Peace Concert

The carnival draws to a close; and what better way to cap an entirely entertaining week, than with a rhythm-filled message of peace?
The World Peace Concert bears this message and delivers it via the vocal chords of some of the finest apostates of music worldwide amidst a rhapsody of spectacular fireworks.

Raggae 360

Reggae-360 is a jamboree organized for reggae lovers and connoisseurs alike.As music is largely incomplete without a tinge of reggae timbering away in its familiar pulse-like rhythm, so is the carnival incomplete without a well-rounded reggae feast.Top local and international artistes are expected to storm the Reggae-360 stage.

Hosh Jam

HOSH Jam! is a concert which reminiscences the splendor, ease and rustic charm of night Life in the 60s and 70s. It echoes the swagger and carefree spirits of the 21st century.

High Life and Hip Life share familial ties with the former as forebear of the latter. In the HOSH  Jam, the old collaborates with the new in an enthralling “Old School” ambience .
Top Highlife exponents in West Africa, in league with Hip Life musicians from Diaspora are expected to grace the HOSH Jam stage

International Aquatic Festival

Revered as the 'boat Regatta", the international aquatic festival has evolved into an international brand meant to showcase the divers marine cultural heritage of the Rivers people. With a significant area of the state being riverine, the people have a vested culture that relates with the sea and her amazing creatures and features. It is a display of man's priceless encounter with nature in the most colourful way...

International Heritage Parade

In true carnival style, contingents of the 23 LGAs engage a procession (on a pre-defined route) through the streets of Port Harcourt- showcasing enthralling dances and masquerade displays as they do so.All of these performances are embedded in colourful floats gigged with impressive icons. This year, the Heritage parade goes international with the inclusion of troupes from Malaysia and South Africa as honorary participants.


This Carnival is a strong reflection of the importance attached to Children in CARNIRIV, and by extension Tourism Development, in Rivers State.

The Children’s Carnival is designed as a mini-procession, commencing at the Elekahia play-ground and culminating in the Liberation Stadium (Elekahia)- where Children will be treated to a carnival full offun, refreshment, leisure and unrestrained entertainment befitting of an ice-breaker event in anticipation of the Grand opening of  CARNIRIV

Garden City Freestyle Parade

The carnival here enters its final day, and the hype and excitement portend to a crescendo. Glamour, style and pageantry all fuse into one fine artistic blend in a contemporary modern cultural procession through the streets of Port Harcourt.
Traditionally, 6 bands participate in this procession; with 5 bands (namely: Jubilee, Liberation, Dynamic, Fusion and Treasure Bands) all wrapped-up in fervent competition.
This year, two more competing bands (namely: Centenary Band and Black Gold Band) have been included to add to the exhilaration which this parade already promises, and raise the stakes for the ultimate prize..

 Abm. Peters.

Friday, 23 August 2013

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Dr Steve Parson Explains Making 17K In Ultimate Cycler

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Monday, 29 July 2013

Elegante by Tiannahstyling to Showcase ‘Freedom’ at Africa Fashion Week London

Elegante by Tiannahstyling to Showcase ‘Freedom’ at Africa Fashion Week London
Elegante by Tiannahstyling is getting ready to showcase its latest collection at the third edition of Africa Fashion Week London scheduled for 1-3 August at The Old Truman Brewery.
Entreprenuer and creative Director of Tiannahstyling Toyin Lawani is no stranger to AFWL, having been one of the official stylists for the event in 2012, styling for a number of designers including, to name just a few, the House of Jola runway which showcased gorgeous prints, the grand finale by Adebayo Jones with his signature metallic sequined gowns and of course the last ever runway of late Remi Osholake of Remi Lagos which featured an range of iconic and edgy black and white looks.
Lawani feels ready to showcase her own designs on the AFWL runway this year.
Of her new collection, Lawani said, “Freedom collection is very dramatic and unpredictably creative. To be free is expensive and to express oneself is freedom. Experience carefree fashion like never before. Welcome to the freedom era!”
In line with the Elegante design aesthetics, The Freedom collection will offer edgy looks with use of materials such as silk, lycra, polka dots, leather, feathers, and chiffon. The collection is heavily accessorised with bags and hats.
For those who wish to purchase straight off the runway looks from the designer’s ‘Freedom’ collection, Lawani has a surprise too: 20% discount on all purchases made on the day.
Elegante by Tiannahstyling is scheduled to showcase on Saturday 3 August, 6.30pm. Tickets can be purchased at


The Central Working Committee (CWC) of The Future Awards Africa is partnering
with British Council on this year’s Future Awards Prize in Media Enterprise.
The Young Media Entrepreneur Award is for an individual who has recorded enormous
 success in the media sector.
What is the Media Sector?
1). Interactive software, entertainment and games developers, specialist agencies,
and publishers – working across various platforms (internet, broadcast, consoles and
 mobile devices)
2)Developers of social media websites/platforms (where not predominately linked to other
 sectors – i.e. a music social network with its roots in the music business is likely more
suited to music award)
3)Film, TV and animation – development, production, post-production/special effects
4)Distribution and sales for film, TV, animation and other multimedia content
5) Exhibition for film, TV and animation, including cinema and festival/event programming
 and management
6) Specialists/consultants/agencies supporting the development of these industries (i.e. skills
 for scriptwriting, visual effects etc.)
What are the criteria for this award?
·         The applicant must be aged between 21 and 35 at the date applications are due.
·         The applicant must be entrepreneurial and must have shown their ability in the
 of the media sector in their country, in either a commercial context, public context, or both.
·         The applicant must demonstrate their potential to be a future leader of the media sector
in their country and a future partner for the UK, through their character, drive and abilities.
·         The applicant must already be working in the media sector with at least three years’
·         The applicant must have English language skills to IELTS 6  – ‘competent user’ or above
The Prize for the award winner is a trip to the UK to participate in a programme with an opportunity for valuable networking and idea exchange with their UK and international peers in the media sector–some of whom are winners of the same award in their respective countries.
Submission of applications for the Young Media Entrepreneur Award now closes on Thursday, 2nd August 2013.
This category will be judged by the British Council alongside selected members of The Future Awards Africa Team.
The awards event holds in August 2013.
Media Partners include Channels TV , Silverbird TV, Nigeria Info, TW, Ventures Africa & Guardian Life. Online Partners are BellaNaija, LindaIkejiBlog, Information Nigeria, Premium Times, 360Nobs, NND, LadunLiadiBlog, and Jobberman. Official Media Partners are Africa Magic, Cool FM, Wazobia FM and Y!/
For more information, visit @TFAAfrica on Twitter or the website
British Council Logo

12 Social-Media Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make

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