Monday, 1 July 2013

Self-esteem at work

Self-esteem is etymologically easily be defined as the assessment that each of us makes of himself: self-esteem, in fact.
To be able to face the world of work with confidence and determination (especially these days) is very important to act on their own self-esteem, so as to avoid the occurrence of feelings of inadequacy towards managers or colleagues.
A good self-esteem is manifested in the ability to perceive and relate to themselves in a realistic and positive, distinguishing between strengths and weaknesses, emphasizing what is positive and perfecting instead what is not.
We must first admit to not being perfect, identifying their own weaknesses, such as excessive shyness, emotionality, laziness or too much tolerance (often perceived as surrender).
The first step to begin a journey of self-improvement consists in dealing with their own perceptions, learning to know each other better, training to explore and analyze one's own ego (in all its complexity), delving into both the negative aspects positive.
It may be helpful to take notes and lists on a sheet their strengths and their weaknesses.
For previous list should then dwell on the causes that have led us to isolate and identify precisely those specific aspects and not others. Only in this way can we hope to have a thorough understanding of the "self".
To compare with other people, especially in the contexts of work, it is essential to first know how to relate to themselves, listening to all the signals that our body sends us every day, and learning to put these inputs in our sphere of feelings.
Self-esteem, in general, not only in the workplace, is a subjective process (based on self-perceptions) that directs us to the self-approval of our personal values

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